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You are welcome to our indoor and outdoor fields in Budapest and Tököl all year round! You can choose from our 8 fields in Tököl, and in Budapest you can play every day of the year in The Cave, whatever the weather may be. You are sure to find your favorite! Any questions? Contact us!

Paintball is a safe, yet exciting recreational sports game, recommended over the age of 12.

Learn about the equipment, the course of the game and the different types of games.

Course of the Game

  • Please arrive at the meeting point on time! In case you are late, you are using up your own time. Please check the location and the starting time beforehand.
  • You meet the Leader who’s going to show you around. You can change your clothes first and there is a briefing.
  • The Leader is going to explain the rules, tips and tricks of the game. You are going to learn about the paintball marker (the gun) and the safety instructions.
  • Rule no.1: NEVER tale your goggles off outside the safety zone
  • The Leader is going to give you the markers and you can try them at the “Shooting Gallery”
  • Initiation shot: are you a first-time player? Are you afraid of being shot? You can try what it feels like. You can be shot in the back in a controlled environment so that you won’t worry what the first shot is going to feel like (this is not obligatory, of course)
  • Finally: the Leader explains the rules of the given field and the game starts
  • He can help you clean your guns and goggles n the breaks, you can get new balls, and if you want, he can help you choose a strategy.
  • Any questions? Ask the Leader, he’s there to help you!




In case you have a team of at least 8 people, you have nothing else to do but choose a field and book a time.


If you are less than 8 people in your team, please contact us and we will do our best to find you a bigger group you can join to.




A Tippmann 98 paintball marker is going to be your gun. Before the game, you have a chance to learn to use it safely and effectively, you can even try the “Shooting Gallery”.


It is a 1.7 cm (0.68 inch) diameter paint ball in different colors. After being fired, the ball hits a body or a hard object and the outside shell bursts open. This leaves a colorful paint mark on the surface. It can be washed out of your clothes without stain.


It protects you head, face and eyes. You have to wear it ALL THE TIME in the field, you can only take if off in the safety zone.


They protect your clothes from the paint stains. Wearing them is not necessary, you can simply wear your own clothes.


We have padded protective vest for our lady warriors, for added comfort and protection.



You can choose from a wide variety of games - from the well known computer games
to the special, exciting ones we have developed

CTF – Capture the Flag

The base of the 2 teams are on the 2 opposing ends of the field. Their flags are in the base. The aim is to break into the base of the enemy and to capture their flag. Advanced level: to move the flag into your own base. This is the basic type of game, the players’ all time favorite. There’s advanced team work and smart distribution of tasks required to work out the tactics of protecting your own flag and capturing the enemy’s!

WID – War in the Depth

The players start from the different parts of the field, and their aim is shoot as many warriors as possible. Every hit is 1 point. A player who is shot, goes to the side of the field, and can only return to the game after a certain time. When time’s up, the hits are counted, and the team collecting the more “scalps” wins. The difficulty is that while you’re hunting for scalps, …. the enemy is hunting for YOU…


One of the most difficult games, only for advanced warriors or big groups. The field is divided into smaller bits, and conquering them is rewarded by points. However, the opponent can take any of the bits back in a battle. The winner is the one with more valuable territories. This game requires continuous communication, quick assessment and excellent leadership qualities.


In this game, one of the groups (the terrorists) need to hide a bomb anywhere in the field within a given time. When this is done, the bomb starts to “count down”, and the other group (the SWAT unit) needs to find and disarm it. If the bomb goes off, the terrorists win. The SWAT unit wins in case they manage to disarm the bomb in time. This game requires mainly creativity from the terrorists, while precisely planned and fast action from the SWAT unit. If they move around closer to each other, they may not find the bomb in time, but if they act in solo, they can die in the crossfire of the terrorist group. Do you have a good plan? Can you execute it before the bomb goes off?

BM – Brothers Match

Two warriors, covering each other, against the entire world! This game is played by units of two, where the only aim is to survive and finish everybody else off. Full interdependency, your chances are scarce on your own. Can you cooperate? How much can you trust your mate? What can you do without him?

SC – Scenario

This is a classic game, where the slogan is: THINK BIG. Re-playing great battles of history, or imaginary ones from books or movies. They can last for several days with even several hundred participants. Apart from the main mission, smaller units may need to carry out smaller tasks. This game is about perseverance and will power. Can you take the daylong struggle?

CSVIP – Counter Strike – VIP

Dressed in conspicious clothes, holding a weak weapon (if any), the central figure of the game is the VIP. The bodyguards’ mission is to move the VIP from point A to point B, across the field, safe and sound, while the other group (the terrorists) try to finish him off. A real adrenaline bomb, one lucky hit can decide the entire game.

DM – Death Match

The simplest and fastest game. Everyone is against everyone else, there are no aims or groups, no scores and rules. Total chaos, complete madness! Are you a loner trying to hunt everybody down or are you waiting for the last surviving warrior and finish him off with a shot in the back? What’s more important to you, honor or effectiveness?
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Comfortable clothes depending on the season and temperature. Sweat-pants or shorts, leggings for girls, and T-shirt (long or short sleeves). The best footwear is boots. If you don't have a pair, sneakers are perfect, something you would wear for a walk in the woods. The paint can be washed out of clothes, so you don't need to rent an overall. So you can spend more on balls :) (If you choose this option, come in long sleeves!)


Birthdays, graduation, engagement or bachelor parties! Do you want to wind down after a stressful month at work? We have custom-made games just for you or your team.Your imagination is the only limit!
Let’s work this out together!


The origin of the game lies in the forestry development of the 1970’s. The first paintball markers have been patented to mark trees and livestock. A short time afterwards they were already used as sports equipment, and the first official paintball game was organized.

In recent years, paintball has become a real sport - with competitions, awards and professional players.
It is a safe game, although it can give you incredible adrenaline boost. The real, hidden characteristics and motivations of a player come onto surface during these exciting missions. Are you a team-player or a leader? How can you solve problems in tense situations? Are you likely to plan ahead? During paintball games you need to manage more stress than in everyday life. But you need the exact same coping skills as in your relationships or at work. Apart from feeling great, you can learn a lot about yourself and use this knowledge returning to your weekdays.

Age limit: 12 years of age. Registration is required, preparation is recommended :)

We suggest you study the fields in advance “here” so that you could plan a strategy. In order for you to make the best of your games, we have put our experience and knowledge together.

In case you don’t find the answer to a questions of yours among the FAQ, please contact us.

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